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the car driver buy fifa 18 coins agreed to accept

the car driver agreed to accept the deal, and ready buy fifa 18 coins unload the goods, but when the police do not pay attention, suddenly drove forward escape. Results fled buy fifa 18 coins the next intersection, was stopped by traffic police. “Why did you run?” asked the traffic police, the driver is full of silly Leng loaded up, fifa coins: “I’m not run, I run if you buy fifa 18 coins catch me? I was riding the electric car, with what will you stop me?” then, police patiently for the illegal carrying of publicity and education on the harm, the driving buy fifa 18 coins obediently accept electric bicycle traffic safety knowledge for half an hour learning. Then the police ordered its unloading transport. The same day at 14 PM, Sau buy fifa 18 coins Road towards the direction of Science Park overpass approaching a tricycle, the tricycle is a cabinet refrigerator, the refrigerator on a nhl hut coins bandage fixed, In the buy fifa 18 coins of running feel wobbly, very dangerous,