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Interesting but little worthy of the name Motor Cooper

Practical and aesthetic aside, Engine Parts it’s time to talk issues of the engine under the hood. For this test, we chose the Cooper D version with three-cylinder diesel engine of 116 hp and manual transmission. It is the first step in the supply of diesel and have arguments for and against, that we reveal below. The first thing to say is that it’s not noisy and has no annoying vibrations, which is customary in many engines of this type. So it’s time for fear of losing him three cylinders, since, at least in this case, admits no complaints in this regard. This engine is mounted 16d known that some models of the BMW range and also smooth and quiet, offers a robust response at low and medium engine speeds, and a very low consumption.

The problem with this is that this diesel in the upper area of ??the tachometer has little force, more than usual in diesel engines, billet crankshaft so any kind of sporty driving is out of their aspirations. If you do not have the name Cooper would not be particularly relevant, but considering that other leading print, we would have liked to find something more than anger, perhaps with a less smooth power delivery and more palpable. But hey, that’s what the SD version with 4-cylinder diesel engine and a number of horses significantly higher. In any case, the Cooper D of this test has a very usable mechanics in the day, with more than adequate performance and spending an average of 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers -sumemos 1.5 liters more to get closer to the consumer in reais conditions. Approved and note.

Regarding the change of one series mounted six-speed manual, nice touch and very accurate, even with a shoulder poorly chosen. We realize that the idea was to reduce consumption to a minimum, but the result is a development perhaps too long, they drop excess revolutions each time we climbed up. Especially large is the gap between second and third, forcing the regime to rise more than usual if we want to find out the good area of ??power and torque, especially on slopes.

Moreover, we found a well presented, with an interior very Mini car which highlights its center console dominated by a large sphere, his thick steering wheel, their switches to enable functions such as starting, the start / stop or stability control, purely classical design and numerous amenities such as ambient lighting in doors and dashboard view that leave their status as customizable car. turbocharger uk As for the equipment, it can be very extensive and wishlist numerous options more typical of a higher segment model elements appear, but to enjoy it will loosen the purse as the standard equipment is not exactly generous. Something to consider, as the final starting price, optional elements aside, it is quite high.