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turnover declined cheap fifa 18 coins more than central

a decline of 1.15%. turnover declined more than central city suburban cheap fifa 18 coins. The district turnover was up and down Yangpu, Jingan, an increase of 21.45%, 10.65%, cheap fifa 18 coins, more than 680 sets, more than 530 sets; Changning, Pudong inner ring chain decreased by 32.32%, 15.88%, respectively, more than 370 sets, more than 420 sets. The cheap fifa 18 coins city within 70 square meters clinch a deal, accounting for 64.97%,In the main; 90-110 square meters 110-140 square meters turnover rose, accounting for 9.07%, the 8.03%. cheap fifa 18 coins that the urban area and in the end just need to improve is the main transactions. While 70-90 turnover fell 27.27% square meters, cheap fifa coins area between the section cheap fifa 18 coins to the demand between just and preliminary improvement. In some sectors, the transaction price work, such as Huangpu old Simon Hongkou, north the Bund prices cheap fifa 18 coins 0.86%, 0.68%, 25%, turnover growth of 55.56%, respectively 56 sets, 25 sets. The inner ring plate, only nba 2k18 coins and Changning inner ring plate turnover decreased cheap fifa 18 coins 15.88%, 8.51%. Putuo, Xuhui, Yangpu plate, increased by 24.47%, 11.80%, 9.55%.