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Should I Get a Tattoo

Should I Get a Tattoo

The question of whether or not to get a tattoo can be a difficult one to answer and should be thought over carefully. Though tattoo removal technology is available, this tends to be expensive, usually involves several sessions, and the results will vary based on a wide variety of factors. As you will see from the pictures, even after five or six sessions, the tattoo is sometimes still visible. Tattoos should be considered permanent and only gotten after a good amount of time and consideration has been put into the idea. I knew I wanted a tattoo when I saw a picture of a woodcut in a book. I just knew that was what I wanted adapted and tattooed and was never more sure of anything in my life. However, I thought it would be best to wait six months and see if I still wanted the tattoo six months later. If I did, I knew it was something that I would probably be alright with the rest of my life. In the meantime, I decided on where I should place the tattoo on my body. Because I normally work professional jobs where tattoos are looked down on, I could not put the tattoo on any conspicuous place like my arms, hands, face, neck, ankles, or feet. I decided on my back, where I could hide the tattoo when I needed to with shirts or scarves. If you are thinking of joining a branch of the military like the Coast Guard, read carefully where they do not accept having a tattoo.

The next consideration would be where to get the tattoo done. Things you will want to look for in a good tattoo shop are good recommendations from satisfied customers and the use of autoclaves and gloves. For the artist, make sure you look though their portfolios to pick an appropriate artist who will help your tattoo dream become reality. Ask about prices and how they will charge for the work. Is it a piece that will require you to return for additional sessions or not? For more information about what to look for in a place to get your tattoo done, check out this site called Getting A Tattoo.

Make sure that a tattoo is really what you want. Make sure that you are doing it not because everyone else is doing it, but because you want to do it, regardless of what others think. I personally love my tattoo, but I am glad I waited on it and made sure it was what I really wanted. Nearly seven years later, I have absolutely no regrets about it and I hope you never do either if you decide to do it!

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