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How Much Does a Tattoo Cost

How Much Does a Tattoo Cost

There are countless reasons why someone would opt to get themselves inked permanently. Let that be rite of passage, a sign of maturity, to show a glimpse of who we are from the inside, freedom of self expression, the desire to feel the pain, etc., no matter what the reasons are, the fashion and popularity of getting tattoos is never ending. Many cultures have assumed tattoos to be an integral part of their lives and there are certain cultures which look upon them with disgust. But whatever the majority or minority of people disagree with them, the newer generations are keeping the trend of this body art alive. Are you one of them? Have you been playing with the idea of getting yourself inked? Wondering how much does a tattoo cost? To find out the answer to the question, you need to read the following article.

Now if you’ve never had a tattoo before, let me just make something clear. You can get a tattoo anywhere on your body. Yes, anywhere. The size, design, pattern, colors, everything depends on you. It’s obvious that you control these decisions because at the end of the day, you’re going to be wearing the tattoo. Which is why, you need to figure out what tattoo are you looking for. To help you answer this question, we’ve got to have some of the most common questions (given below) concerning tattoos.

The word ‘small’ here is very tricky. Small to one person can be the size of a penny or the base of a can. There are many small tattoos which you can choose from. Plus, the size isn’t the only deciding factor here. You have to include the design, which shop are you visiting, what are the shop’s minimum charges, and if the tattoo artist is really good at his/her work. Also, if you’re adding color(s) to your tattoo, then the price can definitely hike. So keeping all these factors in mind, I’d say the cost of a small tattoo will be between US $45 to US $200.

Cost of a Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are very common among men, and women are quickly adopting them as well. With the option of getting either full sleeve tattoo or a quarter sleeve tattoo, the price range will have a huge difference. (When I say quarter, I mean half sleeve. So the price will be same as a quarter sleeve tattoo). Now the full sleeve or quarter sleeve tattoo designs are many and it is very difficult for the tattoo artists to charge according to those factors. Hence, what they do is charge you depending on how long it physically takes them to complete it. The length and width of the arms also need to be considered. So if you want a full sleeve or quarter sleeve tattoo, the artists can charge you anywhere between US $100 to US $200 per hour. This also depends on how skilled that particular artist is.

Cost of a Foot Tattoo

There are intricate, big, and small foot tattoos which can be done. Here there can be two different ways a shop can charge you. The first method is depending on the actual size and the foot tattoo design you want. If we had these 2 main factors to consider, then the cost of a tattoo on your foot can be anywhere between US $45 to US $150.

Now the second method is that the shop has a minimum charge for any foot tattoos. So no matter what design, shape, colors, or size you pick, you will be only charged that minimum amount. As every tattoo shop is different, the cost can be anywhere between US $35 to US $65.

Cost of a Full Back Tattoo

The cost for full back tattoos for women will be different from that for men. Why? Because of the shape and size of the back. Women have more slender backs and curvier waists as compared to men and that weighs heavily while calculating how much will the full back tattoo cost. Plus, there are no fixed charges for a full back tattoo. If you’re asked to pay per hour, the speed of your artist will be a determining factor. One of the most important things to remember while getting a full back tattoo is the concentration on the design. The more intricate and complicated the design will be, the more time it’s going to take to finish. Plus, the entire tattoo is not possible to get finished in just one session. Perhaps it will require 4, 5, or even more sessions to get it all done.

But when you’re looking for a full back tattoo, focus a bit more on the artist and slightly less on the money. If the artist is not charging you all that much and you do get an average looking tattoo, then what’s the point? You don’t want to be stuck with weird looking back tattoo that you can’t even flaunt in front of people. So keep these things in mind and as for the cost, be ready to spend anywhere between US $2,000 to US $4,000 (or slightly more).

Cost of a Shoulder Tattoo

For a shoulder tattoo, the design, location on the body, size, color, and the artist, all play an important role. Where the tattoo will be placed? Will it be on both shoulders or just one? Is it small or considerably big in size? Will it end up being a shoulder blade tattoo? You need to be sure about the design before you head to the artist. Also the time it takes the artist to actually sit down and get the tattoo finished is also needed to get the right cost. So expect anywhere between US $200 to US $500 for your shoulder tattoo.

Cost of a Star Tattoo

And finally, we’re down to the star tattoos. The tattoo designs are very common among girls and the design in itself can vary from one person to the next. The size of the tattoo, intricacies, colors, and depth of the tattoo will be responsible for the final cost. There are many tattoos of stars which you can choose from so the best person to confirm the cost will be the artist himself/herself. But to give you a ballpark figure, star tattoos can range anywhere between US $200 to US $1,000 (or more).

More than worrying about how much a tattoo costs, think about where and whom you’re getting your tattoo from. If the tattoo artist is trustworthy, then you can save up and get the tattoo of your choice. Just be very careful about this as you don’t want to regret this decision for the rest of your life.