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The buy fifa 15 coins of re establishing strategic

Green treasure (xxxxxx.CH/ yuan XX, XX) was founded in 2003, has a strong technology and buy fifa 15 coins of clear cognition of mobile Internet and the game buy fifa 15 coins. The company 12 years of re establishing strategic planning – “buy fifa 15 coins horizontal and one vertical” strategy: end tour, Webpage Game, Mobile Games, mobile Internet “four horizontal” and “vertical overseas”.
In the end of tour area, bring the company focus on product form of a long life cycle,buy fifa 15 coins game quality problem and fixed user habits, end swims can bring a steady income buy fifa 15 coins earnings growth for the company. In the field of Webpage Game, companies focus on high water. Good news will see page travel buy fifa 15 coins. The two block is the buy fifa 15 coins of the company performance, expected annual will maintain growth of about 30%. In the tour area, the company more valued to the buy fifa 15 coins force. From the current tour product features on the market, periodic tour is not clear. In the mobile internet field, establish the social circle, short-term focus on profitability, but that retain users give support to build the buy fifa 15 coins Internet business. In overseas markets,fifa coins the company will be a comprehensive layout end tour, travel and tour page, at the same time the good products to the buy fifa 15 coins and overseas. At present the overseas to be distributed in North America, Brazil, buy fifa 15 coins, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea etc..