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the car includes cheap fifa 18 coins 6 other colleagues

the car includes 6 other colleagues, family and individual. Because cheap fifa 18 coins night before the rain, so the road is slippery, their car is relatively small Heart, “we are cheap fifa 18 coins Zhu Xi Road, near 9 o’clock, suddenly heard ‘Bang’ sound, I looked, found in front of us about 10 meters, there are two cars hit together.” Xiong Guoying said,”The two cheap fifa 18 coins are ordinary cars, do not know what the reason is, collision, vehicle damage degree is more serious, I was in the car were injured, certainly coins fifa serious, quickly stop down cheap fifa 18 coins see the situation, and my other colleagues at this time also have to get off. “With the medicine box car equipment play a role as expected, 7 people in two vehicles have different cheap fifa 18 coins of injury, in addition, they found that most of the 7 injured are in the elderly,” one man has nhl 18 coins in the case of urinary incontinence, we rushed cheap fifa 18 coins for emergency treatment, while the injured to appease, tell them don’t be nervous.