Tattoo Design Ideas for an Aquarius

Tattoo Design Ideas for an Aquarius

If you were born between January 20th and February 18th then your zodiac sign is Aquarius. If you want to create a tattoo design based on the zodiac sign of Aquarius then use mythology, astrology, and The Tarot to come up with something unique and interesting. Aquarius tattoo design ideas based on the symbols

Aquarius is The Water Bearer. It is a bit of strange symbol, but it will create interesting tattoos. The symbol, or glyph, looks like to jagged parallel lines. These represent flowing water. Here are a couple of ideas for an Aquarius tattoo based on the symbol, The Water Bearer:

1) A simple tattoo design of just the symbol. Make it tribal, or add something that represents your personality. If you like skulls, add a skull in the background. If you like butterflies, add a butterfly. Whatever you love the most, put it with the symbol.

2) Turn the symbol into flowing water. Have a tattoo design of two jagged waves, parallel to each other. This will still look like the symbol, but will be much more interesting.

Tattoo design ideas for Aquarius based on mythology

The constellation of Aquarius comes from the story of Ganymede. Ganymede was a pretty boy who was taken to Olympus by an eagle sent by Zeus. Zeus wanted the boy for a lover, and so he would pour nectar for the other gods. In this way, he was there to be eye candy. Ganymede, for his “services” was placed in the stars as the constellation Aquarius.

1) A great Aquarius tattoo design would be of pretty Ganymede pouring water from two chalices, one in each hand. The water pouring out could zig zag parallel to each other, just like the symbol.

2) How about a tattoo design of Ganymede being carried off by the eagle? Since the eagle represents America, it would be a great tattoo design for an Aquarius who is also a proud American. Add the flag on the tattoo as well. Although this is not necessary, as eagles are beautiful just as they are.

Aquarius tattoo design ideas based on The Tarot

In The Tarot, Aquarius is represented by The Star. Stars are always a great choice for tattoos, but there is more to the card than stars in the sky. The card shows a naked maiden(although she does not have to be naked) with one foot in a river and the other touching the earth. In her hands are two pitchers, one pouring water into the river and the other pouring water into the earth.

1) Create a tattoo design based on this card. Have the beautiful woman, pouring water, just as Ganymede does. For added effect, add the Aquarius symbol somewhere.

2) Have a tattoo with both the woman from The Star card and Ganymede.

Some tidbits of information on Aquarius for more tattoo designs

Here are a few things about Aquarius, based mostly on astrology, that can be used to add to any Aquarius tattoo.

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