Tattoo Ideas You

Tattoo Ideas You

If you’re passionate about a particular art or activity, a tattoo that represents one of your favorite pastimes is one you’ll likely not lose taste for as years pass. For instance, professional athletes sometimes favor designs with baseball, football, golf or basketball equipment or team logos. If you are a musician, consider a design that features the musical instrument of your trade, such as a violin, guitar or drum. Some avid music enthusiasts have been known to tattoo small music notes to their left ring fingers to express that music is their first love.

One way to honor those you hold dear to your heart is to have their portraits tattooed to yourself. You may want to limit your models to those with whom you have permanent relationships, such as children, spouses or parents those who you will “love forever.” If you have children, perhaps a recreation of a favorite family photo of them as toddlers, or a collage portrait made of several photos, will express your family bond. To prove your devotion to your husband or wife, a portrait of them alone or a tattoo of your best wedding photo can represent your eternal partnership. Portraits of lost loved ones are also a common choice among tattoo enthusiasts.

Another way for couples to represent their love, devotion and partnership is by acquiring matching or corresponding tattoos. It doesn’t matter what design you choose, or where each of you place it on your bodies, as long as the artwork is identical. You might also decide to get tattoos that correspond with each other to imply that together you make a whole. Common corresponding love forever tattoo ideas include a broken heart design where each partner has one half of the heart, which would fit like a puzzle piece to the other, or a lock design for you and a key for your partner. If you are a couple with a good sense of humor, try a ball an chain around your ankles.

No matter what tattoo design you decide on, you can incorporate ribbons to provide a canvas for expressing your deepest emotions in text. Many tattoo designs use ribbons as the backdrop for names, dates, messages, bible passages and basically anything you want to express. You may consider flying birds holding ribbons in their beaks, ribbons wound loosely around hearts, crosses, held by hovering angels or anywhere you want. Add the words “Love Forever” to the ribbons to express your emotion in body art.

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