To mark or engrave (a surface) with words or letters.

If these former gang members live in Santa Clarita Santa Clarita, city (1990 pop. 110,642), Los Angeles co., S Calif., suburb 30 mi (48 km) NW of downtown Los Angeles, on the Santa Clara River; inc. 1987. Situated in the Santa Clara valley and nearby canyons, Santa Clarita includes the former towns of Canyon Country, , they have a solution.

The city is offering a tattoo removal service to residents willing to trade community service hours and classroom instruction for the free laser treatment.

We don’t do it if it’s not prohibiting someone from employment,” said Dianna Boone, community services supervisor for the city. A rose tattooed For the Wildstorm Comics character, see Rose Tattoo (Wildstorm). For the Tennessee Williams play, see The Rose Tattoo. For the game, see The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes

Rose Tattoo is an Australian blues/hard rock band, led by Angry Anderson. on an arm, for example, wouldn’t qualify. To put clothes on; dress.

2. To provide clothes for.

3. To cover as if with clothing. .”

In the three years since the program began, 12 to 15 people have received the free service, said Boone.

The participants have volunteered about 16 hours each, removing graffiti or doing other cleanup jobs around town, said Boone. They also have taken parenting classes, worked toward passing the high school equivalency equivalency

the combining power of an electrolyte. See also equivalent. exam or taken vocational classes in exchange for the tattoo removal, she said.

The program is ideal for residents who are dedicated to making life changes, said Boone. And the community service helps scare off Verb 1. scare off cause to lose courage; “dashed by the refusal”

daunt, frighten away, frighten off, scare away, pall, scare, dash

intimidate, restrain to compel or deter by or as if by threats the not so serious tattooed people who are unwilling to invest their time, she said.

We had one participant who had a tattoo removed who said he felt stripped of his identification,” said Boone. The education is to put in positives for taking away the identity. Plus, people always feel better when they give something to get something in return.”

The classes also help the city get a return on its investment, said Boone. Though Dr. Bernard Raskin volunteers his time in removing tattoos, the city still must pay a laser leasing fee of $100 per session, said Boone. And complete removal usually requires two or three treatments.

Adding a reformed, employed resident to Santa Clarita makes the investment worth it, said Boone.

Boone gave the example of one recipient who decided to have a gang tattoo removed because he had a child and wanted to support his family. But his tattoo was keeping him from getting hired.

When he got the tattoo removed, he got a job almost immediately,” said Boone. It intimidated people. It put up a wall between (him and) the people who would have employed him.”

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