Tattoo Shop Owner Killed in Freak Car Accident

Tattoo Shop Owner Killed in Freak Car Accident

(1) Colleen says:I glad you posted this article, I have two tattoos that were done in Johnny shop along with one of my boyfriends, Johnny will be missed and his death is tragic.

(3) Tyler Howard says:Johnny will be missed. He was a long time friend of me and my family and was going to give me my first tattoo and piercing. When I heard of his death I was in total shock. I loved him dearly. I ran into this article after trying to look him up after we broke up, I found this in heartache. He was a great man. He would do anything for a friend and the world will and is a lonely place without him. I love you baby

October 23, 2008 at 10:17 pm

(5) feleecia says:I still hear your voice in my dreams and feel ur arms around me I miss you baby I wish i could just call you again or hear ur truck comin from like a mile away i love you babe

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