tattoo supplies attention to detail

(1) beautiful tattoo designs coupled with professional tattoo artist artistic skills and the correct approach is to protect the production of perfect tattoo.

(2) Once the tattoo permanent tattoo supplies make up the vast majority of the body can not be removed, do not listen to false advertising misleading propaganda.

(3) must not use animal blood or cinnabar and other tattoo (rumored to adopt such a tattoo may appear after drinking, and cinnabar is a restricted medicine)

(4) must not use alcohol or gentian violet tattoo kits treatment patterns over the wound (alcohol can irritate the wound, gentian violet color will destroy the tattoo).

(5) the incorrect use of tattoos without strict disinfection methods and tools likely to cause infection or infectious diseases.

(6) the tattoo process will be accompanied by some degree of pain, there will not be any anesthetic effect significantly less pain, and the use of local anesthetics may affect the coloring perfect tattoo.

(7) within a certain time just finished tattoo, unavailable or of poor quality bath soap and other cleaning wounds grain color process appears only moderately warm water to wash.

(8) to be applied after the completion of professional tattoo supplies nutritional protection creams,2-3 hours with warm creams and appear bloody cleaned and disinfected with skim napkins or professional dry paper towel dipped in water, then do not apply any medication.

(9) A few days after the completion of the tattoo kits will be itching, crusting, peeling and other normal phenomenon, this time not hand scratching wounds to avoid infection or discoloration. During the period Conservation soft to wear loose underwear and avoid tight across the sub-type underwear.

(10) found the wound fester, fester, water forever, and the delay in healing or fever phenomenon, please go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

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