Tattoo’d Moms

Tattoo’d Moms

Okay folks, I got this idea from watching GMA this AM. Who where has tattoos? How many and are any of them of them in reference to your children? If you do have a tattoo how do other mothers approach you if your tat’s are visable.

For Mom’s with out tattoos How do you feel about other Mom’s who have them they aren’t visable? What if they are visable?

I am a FTM and plan on getting a tattoo in reference of my child at some piont. I already have 5 tattoos but they are all not visable, except for one on the back of my neck and that is easily hidden when my hair is down.

I have 8 tattoos, most are visible depending on what I am wearing, I have 4 on my forearms, one on the front of my shoulder, one on my shoulder blade, one of my foot, and one on my hip. The one on my hip is the hidden one most of the time, and it is the biggest. They are mostly butterfies and are tasteful, and I think that’s all that matters. This is my first child as well, so I don’t have experience with other moms and their reactions to me. But I can assume coming into a new day and age where tattoos are common that it won’t be a big turn away for play dates and such. When meeting new people I often wear long sleeves and encourage them to get to know me for me before I expose anything. It’s been agood method and I’ve been happy.

I’m also going to be a FTM so none of my tattoos reference any kids of mine. But I have 6 tattoos, 1sorta visable with short sleeves and 2 visable with shorts, 5 of them visable in a swim suit.

I have never had any problem with people and my tattoos. This includes my working inside parent’s homes as a Nanny and when I worked for an ultra conservative Jewish daycare. I am always upfront during a job interview and have gotten ever job I’ve gone for. The parents just don’t care. I also usually ask them what they would like me to tell their children about them. Are they “stickers”? (Yes 1 father asked me to call them stickers).

In the ultra conservative day care there was never a parent who voiced any concern or objection even though it is technically against Jewish Law to permanately harm or mark you body. (More often than not they were covered from view).

My experiance is that most people are pretty open about it. : )

I have 7, and the one that isusually visible is the one on my left forearm, and during the summer IF I wear a dress, my right calve. I think tattoo’s can be done tastefully. And personally, I only like tattoo’s that have meaning. And it’s honestly never crossed my mind, about what other people would think :] Theyliketheir coach purses, and gucci sunglasses, I like marking important parts of my life, to tell a story. To each their own.

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