The Bucks scored six points with free throws

The Bucks scored six points with free throws and chased the score at 83-84 at the end of the session. Raptors look very efficient in this section, but the end result is that this section they also lost 2 in the game to send a block, so his playoff career total number of blocks to reach 226, which surpassed Robert – Horry and Rashid – Wallace, living alone in the playoffs cap list Of the 13th place. Among the active players, Ibaka is only behind Dwight – Howard, Howard currently with 230 blocks in the playoffs in the vc nba of the 12th block.

9 minutes and 11 seconds left in the game, Tark outside hit three points, the Raptors played in the fourth quarter 11-0 start to 95-83 and double the number of advantages. But the Raptors or the Bucks played a nba vc prices, 2 minutes 02 seconds left in the game, Ade Quinco outside the line hit three points, the Bucks will be hard to chase the score 100 level. The moment De La Zeng jumper, the Bucks is a continuous shot in the game left 8 seconds, Lori and jumper, the Raptors made 104-100 lead. After the suspension of Brogden three points, the Bucks immediately take foul tactics, Patterson stable penalty in two goals, the Bucks trend has gone, the final Raptors to 106-100 beat the Bucks, the match the big chase 1 -1 flat.

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