the eastern coins on fifa 18 region grew

sub region, July, the eastern region grew 6.4%, 7.9% growth in the coins on fifa 18 region, 5.9% growth in the western region, Northeast China 0.6%. growth in terms of products, in July, 596 kinds of products in coins on fifa 18 kinds of products have increased. Among them, 96 million 670 thousand tons of steel, an increase of 2.7%; 212 million 830 thousand tons of cement, down 0.9%; ten kinds coins on fifa 18 nonferrous metals 4 million 470 thousand tons, unchanged from the same period last year; 1 million 480 thousand tons of ethylene, an increase of 1%; 2 million 73 coins on fifa 18 cars, an increase of 4.3%; 866 thousand cars, down 3.7%; generating capacity of 604 billion 700 million kwh, up 8.6% ; crude oil processing capacity of 45 million 500 thousand coins on fifa 18, up 0.4%.7 months, sales of industrial enterprises was 97.9%, 0.3 percentage points higher than the same period last year. The madden coin trader delivery value of industrial coins on fifa 18 10621 yuan, representing a nominal increase of 8.6%. capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou 13 evening terrorist attack incident occurred, killing at least 3 people were killed, coins on fifa 18 another more than 10 people the injured, the dead coins for madden mobile has not been determined. Burkina Faso police evening announcement said, on the evening of 13 Nkrumah coins on fifa 18 in downtown Ouagadougou shooting occurred, security forces have arrived at the scene and blocked the nearby area.

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