This guy is an incredible tattoo artist

This guy is an incredible tattoo artist

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Sorry to interrupt, here, grimey.

It not so much about people asking about it. It that those goddamn “reality” shows about tattoo shops made everyone in the world believe there got to be some huge tragic or uplifting back story to every tattoo. Dude. I have a shark tattooed on my arm because I like sharks. And I got the other 85 hours of work because I wanted it.

I just look at tattoos the same way I look at any other kind of body modification. And I don just mean piercings or things of that sort. I mean your haircut or color, anything you can do to yourself to change your appearance. I don ask why you went with bangs instead of no bangs, and what the meaning behind that is. Why is it necessary to question what I got on me? Couldn you appreciate or admire or even just look, without interrogation?

Of course I know people are going to ask questions, or stare, or even talk shit. It happens to me all the time that people, especially older women, say I setting a bad example for my son, and what if he embarrassed by me. I could say your bad haircut or horrible choice of dye is a bad example for your kid, but I wouldn do that because I not an asshole. And if my child is embarrassed of his mother, I should have done a better job raising him.

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