Top Tips for Getting Great Custom Tattoo Designs

Top Tips for Getting Great Custom Tattoo Designs

When you see someone wearing an unusual tattoo design, you may wonder where they came across such an amazing design. In past times, when tattoos were not so visible or so popular, designs would normally be found in catalogs and magazines, and a person would choose a design from those. However, now that tattoos have become a fashion statement, and provide a deeper meaning to the person wearing them, tattoo artists have broadened their horizons.

Since most people are now interested in custom tattoo designs, tattoo artists are not just confined to drawing and tattooing conventional designs. The tattoo artwork of today is more freestyle, but should still conform to the technical details of each style, especially in symbolic tattoos. Artists and enthusiasts have learned to be more creative.

With the use of the internet, the tattoo arena has found a global audience for tattoo artist, enthusiast and hobbyist alike. Online galleries and tattoo marketplaces provide a display of custom tattoo designs from all parts of the world. You may now find the perfect tattoo designer on an internet site with just one click of your mouse. Since there are a limitless number of custom tattoo designs, choosing your very own design can be quite difficult.

Here are some guidelines that you might find helpful when choosing a great custom tattoo design.

Usually the first thing that you need to decide is where you want your tattoo to be inked. Tattoo designers can create a tailor made design for the part of the body to be inked; the arm, stomach, hand, etc. Each design has its own specifications for size, shape and color. If you already have a vision of your own design, ask the artist where the best place is to put it. Some people don’t wish their tattoos to be seen because of professional and ethical reasons.

A custom tattoo design is an extension of you. It speaks of your uniqueness as a person. Pick a design that clearly shows who you are, or has significant meaning in your life. Tattoos last a lifetime, so make it a personal choice.

Any artwork that has vivid and vibrant colors is appealing to the eyes on paper or canvas, but with tattoos your skin provides the canvas, so consider that some color mixes and variations will not be compatible with your own skin color. It may look completely wrong once inked on your skin. Keep in mind that all tattoos, although permanently inked on the skin, slowly fade in color, which is why most tattoos are in coal black; a colored tattoo requires regular re coloring of the design to keep it vibrant. Tattoos are a lifetime responsibility.

Finding the Perfect Tattoo Artist and Designers

Now that you are decided on being tattooed, your next challenge is finding the perfect artist or designer to do a perfect job. You could go online and check out forums, online galleries, and marketplaces, or host your own custom tattoo design contest in order to meet a great designer. You can find tattoo designers online to create your own custom design tattoo, but the artist who will do that requires careful evaluation.

Word of mouth is important in the tattoo arena. Ask friends and colleagues who wear tattoos if they would recommend one. A tattoo artist who provides quality work comes highly recommended. You could visit tattoo shops or parlors and ask for the resident artist. The artist provides a portfolio of his or her work so you get a better insight into their past artwork.

Furthermore, a professional and highly trained tattoo artist practices good sanitation and hygiene for themselves and their working area for a good reason; preventing the spread of disease by always using new needles, fresh ink, and sterile equipment. Proper disposal of used items should be observed.

Yes, tattoo designs vary in cost. Custom tattoo designs cost more than conventional designs. Moreover, the size, the part of the body to be inked, and the complexity of the design also affects pricing. Some tattoo artists charge by how much time they spend working on a design. Although seasoned artists charge higher prices than others, they are sometimes flexible based on market forces.

These are just guidelines you could follow for getting great custom tattoo designs. Remember, tattoos are you, and having one is a personal choice and decision on your part. However, if you are doubtful, we recommend that you try temporary tattoos which are less expensive, painless and, most of all, last only for a short time. Now that is convenient!

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