Vine Tattoos on Shoulder

Vine Tattoos on Shoulder

Vine tattoos are some of the most creative tattoos, with variety of compositions and delicate designs. These tattoo designs are unique, because of their versatile and colorful nature. Like all other tattoo designs, even these tattoos have certain meanings associated with them. The meaning of the tattoo depends on the type of the vine carved on the body. When it comes to the placement of these tattoos, hips, rib cage, legs and shoulders are some of the most popular body parts. The shoulder provides ample space to carve the complete vine design and hence, is one of the most suitable place for vine tattoos. Let us know a little more about these tattoos.

Vine tattoos are elegant designs with tiny plants that symbolize growth, peace and prosperity. Grapevine, Ivy and Holly are some of the popular types of vines, that are used for the tattoos. As mentioned earlier, a vine tattoo meaning depends on the type of vine carved. These tattoos have great historical meanings related to them. Grapevine has been associated with strength and luck by the Hebrews. To convey this symbolism, they prepared crowns made from grapevines. Christians used grapevine to prepare the crown of Gluttony, which is one of the Seven deadly sins (Gluttony is a sin of eating excessively). Ivy has a number of controversial meanings associated with it. According to the roman mythology, their god of wine and revelry wore a crown made up of ivy, that represented immortality. While Christianity considers ivy as a symbol of moral weakness. Vines also had great importance in Celtic culture. Celtic people considered vines to represent determination and strength. Greek people considered ivy to represent femininity and thus, related ivy to birth and fertility.

Vine tattoos are among those tattoos which cover large part of your body with very less ink. These tattoos are more common among women, due to the feminine touch of the tattoo design. Most of these tattoos have floral designs with floral elements like leaves, fruits and flowers, connected with a beautiful vine. Some people also like to include other elements like short sayings, initials, butterfly, hearts, angels, etc. Most of the vine tattoos are carved to wrap certain body parts like wrists or ankles. Shoulder is one of the most common place for tattooing. Shoulder makes a great option to get an appealing vine tattoo. A growing vine drawn on the back or shoulder, also looks stunning. There are no restrictions to the use of colors, when it comes to these tattoos. Thus, you and the tattoo maker can enjoy the freedom of using variety of splendid colors, to enhance the beauty of the vine tattoo.

A very important feature of these tattoos is the creative start and end of the tattoo design. Since, vine is a continuous chain like design, one can experiment in various artistic manners to place this vine design on the shoulder. As mentioned earlier, these tattoos go well on women due to the feminine touch that the design has. The main advantage of vine tattoos on shoulders is, that you can continue the tattoo design in the future. Thus, you can choose the tattoo on your shoulder such that you can extend the design next time you feel like expanding the tattoo. Shoulders are under continuous motion, hence, you need to take special care of this tattoo during the healing process. Moreover the shoulder is one of the most exposed areas, specially during summer season, thus, you need to use body lotions that will prohibit the tattoo fading.

A vine tattoo can be simple or it can be customized with delicate designs and a variety of colors. Make sure you make a good research of the vine tattoo designs before you get this tattoo on your body. You can even design your own vine tattoo, with elements that will complement your personality. With wide scope of styling, colors, intricate designs and innovative designs, vine tattoos make some of the most elegant body arts.

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