What tattoos and piercings do you have

What tattoos and piercings do you have

Please share your photos of your tattoos or piercings (if appropriate Haha). Is there a story behind your tattoo?

My first tattoo on my right hip, no story I just like fairies.

My second tattoo, my half sister and I got them together. I like having them as a reminder since she lives in another state and we didn’t get to grow up together. We will still always be sisters.

My third, on my foot I got with my friend.

Piercings I have had my nose, my hood, bellybutton and I have four in each ear lobe and two in my cartilage on each ear, I also have my tragus. I took my hood and nose peircings out though.

Shoulder blades each have a bird. One with my son’s name under and one with my ODD’s name. Once my tubes are tied I will add my other two kids. I want to wait until then so I can make the piece symmetrical and finish it.

My left buttcheek has my ex husband’s lip print. Will cover that next year.

My left upper arm is a half sleeve in progress. I’ve cream, candy, cupcake, etc. It will be very colorful and obnoxious once it is done.

In my left elbow crook are stick figure faces of my ex husband and I. I’ll cover them when I finish the half sleeve.

My right inner wrist has Eve in Hebrew. Eve as in the first mother. My mom and I got it together.

My arm above my hand has a star. I would like to add to this one.

On my chest I have two roses. My middle name is Rose and one of my biggest nicknames has always been Rosebud.

Above my left knee, in a pretty script, is “Fuck 2010” because it is the year the shit hit the fan. My son died, then I lost my job, which meant my car got repossessed and I got evicted, then my parents divorced, and I had to receive TANF and FS. I got the tattoo at the end of the year, thanks to a friend’s hubby, to kick the year to the curb.

On my right calf I have a color portrait of my son. I got it on what would have been his 5th birthday. His first birthday after his passing. I saved for months for it and traveled 2 hours from home to the artist I wanted and I love it.

On my left ankle is my engagement ring. I got it spur of the moment at my bachelorette party.

I have a fingerstache on my right index finger.

I don’t have any piercings anymore but I used to have several in the cartilage of each ear. About 6 on each side. I’ve had both of my nipples done twice. I’ve had snakebite lip piercings. I’ve also had a solo lip piercing. And I’ve had my nostril done twice.

Aside from what I need to finish, I want a tattoo with my BFF. We are thinking a peacock feather with red thread tied around the bottom. We both love peacock feathers and “It is a widely shared Chinese Legend that the red thread “connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.””

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