Will One Direction’s Zayn Malik Get Tattoo Sleeve

Will One Direction’s Zayn Malik Get Tattoo Sleeve

One Direction’s Zayn Malik revels in his purported ‘bad boy’ image and now he wants a tattoo sleeve to further his cause. Pretty soon the What Makes You Beautiful singer won’t be all that beautiful any more.

According to a report from Irish Central, the 1D singer admits he is addicted to getting inked. He has several already, and this sleeve will probably make him look way more like part of a motorcycle gang than that of a boy band.

“I want to fill my entire right arm up to my elbow to start. I’ve got loads of ideas. I draw as well,” Zayn says. “I’m more addicted to coming up with the ideas of what I can get tattooed rather than the actual tattoo itself

Zayn’s girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix seems to like his tattoos, so he isn’t facing any conflict as a result of the inked art. Might parents of One Direction fans have some concerns about the bad boy look?

Zayn Malik said in a recent interview that he never would have imagined two years ago that he’d be doing the things he is today. Do you think that statement pertained solely to his adventures with his One Direction pals Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne or does that include the tattoos as well?

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